youtube scheduled publishingYouTube seem to have finally cracked scheduling of videos, which will allow content creators to upload their videos and schedule when they become live on YouTube.


This is not the first attempt by YouTube to incorporate this feature, after an ill advised implementation some 12 months ago meant that the feature was useless - videos scheulded with the old feature still used the upload date as the reference date within YouTube, so if you uploaded a video a week ago the YouTube site assumed the video was a week old, meaning that it would list way down your own video list if, like us, you upload many videos a week. Even worse, it would not stand a chance of appearing as a recomended video or suggested video because as far as the YouTube system was concerened it had been published a week ago, had no comments, no views and no likes, so was assumed to be of no interest to YouTubers!


This has now been remedied, so that the scheduled date is the reference date and the video will appear as if it was just uploaded. This means that we and our partners can bulk upload videos and sit back and relax as they automatically, and intelligently appear on YouTube.


An added bonus to an International Content Creator like Knockout Entertainment is that we don't have to sit up until the middle of the night in the UK to get maximum exposure for a video we know will be popular in California!


It also means we can better manage our content around flagpole events as you can change the scheduled publish date (as long as the video isn't already live!) so we can have content ready and waiting around an event, but when our on site reporters upload their interviews they can resechdule pre-uploaded videos to improve content flow for our viewers.

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