YouTube has added a great new feature to allow users to set up default settings for their uploads. Since it's inception users have had to add tags, select the video category etc. EVERY time they upload a video, and for most users this meant entering the same things over and over and over ...................


To set up your default settings log in to your account, then select settings from the drop down menu. On the left hadn side you well see Defaults under the the Channel settings menu. Simply fill in and select the fields you want set for every upload, and they will be automatically selected and entered when you upload videos to the channel. You can override the settings for each video if required, and if you're bulk uploading similar or realted videos, for example a series, it's a good idea to change settings here while you upload the series then change the settings back.


This is a nother great feature from YouTube that shows Google's ongoing initiative to make the system easier to use for content creators and viewers.

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