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With our access to the YouTube Content Management System (CMS) we can maximise the revenue you earn against your content whilst protecting your content from illegal use on YouTube.


When you join our CMS, you will be able to control how your content is monetized and how content is treated if it's copied on YouTube, so that if a YouTuber downloads your content and re-uploads it, you can choose to monetize it, block it and/or put a copyright strike against the user.


The CMS also allows us to manage any country restirctions on the content, so if you only have the rights in the UK, you only monetize and show the content in the UK.


We can also help you manage and broadcast live events, and work with you to generate revenue from these. YouTube is still in it's live infancy, but is growing up fast and now can be managed with the new Wirecast for YouTube allowing you to edit in pre-recorded material to create an even better user experience.


We normally operate a revenue share agreement, so there are no up front fees and you retain full control of the content on your channel. You can choose to have us manage your channel and it's content for you, and we will help you to maximise the impact of your content and devise a strategy to create the maximum exposure and therefore revenue for your content.


We will also make sure that all the above is within the YouTube Terms and Conditions, and advise you on other revenue opportunities allowed by YouTube in your content such as product placement and sponsor slides.


You can still embed your content on your own website, with YouTube still serving advertising on your content, and all with no hosting costs. You can also use the social aspects of YouTube to automatically update your audience through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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